This year Afiwi Groove School needs your support. We are looking to impact the lives and experience of more children in our community by providing our one of a kind Leadership Program. We are seeking to find a studio space to call our own so that our students can have more opportunities for cultural education, empowerment and inspiration. We are also looking for support for our 2019 Showcase presentation, repeating our huge success from last year.


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Afiwi Groove School has introduced a Leadership Program for our youth. This program was put in place to allow our young people to have a safe space to express themselves and build on their self-esteem, as well as many other qualities we as parents would like for our children to possess. Racialized youth are sometimes made to feel that their voice does not matter. Our Leadership Program is in place to empower, inspire and educate these youth, so that they may live life to their full potential. 

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our Leadership Program focuses on:


Self-expression, self-esteem and self-confidence

Effective communication & debate

Positive body image

Problem solving


Financial literacy and money management

How to be an effective leader

Health and wellness



Our goal for this year is to be able to provide this program for FREE to our students. We are asking parents with businesses, or ties to businesses, for sponsorship support.