We are Durham Region’s award-winning, performing arts school which focuses on artistics genres of the African Diaspora. Afiwi Groove School is a leader in our community for providing programming for all ages that promote positive self-esteem, confidence, and an active lifestyle, while educating and connecting participants to the vibrant and rich culture of the Africa and the Caribbean. Our vision is to create a new generation of leaders who will use African Cultural values and excellence as a tool for social change.

Registration is now open for Afiwi Little Groovers class age ( 6-8) We now offer classes on Sundays and Tuesdays! 
Come and join us for another incredible dance and drum season at Afiwi Groove!We've just moved into a brand new space and cant wait to see what this year will hold for us. 
For all inquires please email or call 647-3938035  and come out for our Open House on September 8th!

Photo by @tony.captures

Afiwi Groove School offers professional African and Caribbean dance and drum classes, focused on the development of our many students through, empowerment, inspiration and education. Our students will be performing at various events and recitals throughout the year. This will include events ranging from invitations through the many school boards in the GTA to large scale productions and festivals with diverse audiences. The goal is to expose African and Caribbean dance and drumming to the mainstream dance and theatre communities, while celebrating the multiculturalism of Canada.

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The dance and drum instruction team are seasoned dancers and drummers from West Africa and the Caribbean. They come with decades of combined training, performing and teaching experience in various drumming and dance styles from Hip Hop, South American variations to Afro-Caribbean.

The name “Afiwi” comes from the Jamaica dialect, Patois. It means, “belonging to us” or “ours”. This term is used to signify that the way we dance and express ourselves comes directly from our historical culture and pays homage to our ancestors and those who have paved the way before us.